Help Fistula Patients Reduce Their Surgery Risk with the CeDAR App

Download the free CeDAR app to facilitate conversations with patients about their fistula repair surgery risk profile.  The app is available in the App Store or Google Play.

Users simply answer eight questions about themselves, including height and weight. A percentage chance of developing specific postoperative complications requiring treatment is calculated, along with the corresponding cost of this treatment. These results can then be used to discuss a patient’s risk for wound problems after surgery and what changes they can make to improve the odds for a good result.

Wound problems after surgery are the major reason for increased cost of surgery, including the added cost of other procedures, hospital stays and clinic visits. Because of their wounds, these patients often are not able to work and lose time and money because of specialty wound care, travel, clinic visits and/or hospital stays. The app predicts the risks and financial impact of wound-related problems using a mathematical equation derived from real patient data. Helping patients understand their risks can facilitate a deeper conversation about behavioral changes that will reduce the risk of wound problems.