Wound Crown®

General applications around high output ostomies and enteric fistulas.

  • Small intestinal fistula
  • Ileostomy stomas
  • Wound drain and feeding tube leakage
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Fistula Funnel®​​

Tapered design flexes for sidewall fistulas.  Sizeable to 1, 2, or 3 cm inside area diameter.

  • Small sized fistulas
  • Sidewall and crevice areas
  • Fecal management system leakage
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Isolator Strip®​​

14 inch / 35 centimeter long, flexible strip designed to be shaped as needed for large applications.

  • Large fistulas
  • Group of fistulas
  • Large or uniquely shaped areas
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Fistula management help when you really need it.

Managing patients with enteric or intestinal fistulas can be a challenge. A high output enteric fistula can produce two to seven liters of effluent per day which can cause edema, irritation and wound formation of peri-fistula skin.

To improve the management of patients with enteric fistulas and high output ostomy stomas we developed the Wound Crown®, Fistula Funnel® and Isolator Strip®.  These barrier devices have been used effectively to compress the surface of the body around enterocutaneous fistulas, enteroatmospheric fistulas, ostomy stomas, and wound drains with moderate to high output levels to seal and protect the perimeter skin from effluent and reduce edema. ​


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